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6 Commonly Used Items of PPE & Why You Need Them

6 Commonly Used Items of PPE & Why You Need Them
Posted: 1st April 2022

It is extremely important to safeguard against and minimise exposure to a variety of occupational hazards. Employers have duties concerning the provision and use of PPE at work. PPE is personal protective equipment that is used to protect the wearer against health or safety risks at work. PPE is generally used alongside other safety measures that have been put in place.

Some of the most commonly used items of PPE include safety helmets, safety boots, high visibility clothing, safety gloves and safety goggles. PPE must be properly looked after and stored when not in use. If it is reusable it must be cleaned and kept in good condition. Below we have listed 6 commonly used items of PPE and why you need them.

#1 Safety Helmets

Safety helmets are an essential part of your PPE if you work in an environment where your head is at risk of impact injury or other hazards. At Work & Wear Direct we supply head protection and safety helmets from well-known brands including Beeswift and JSP safety helmets.

You can make your safety helmet more comfortable by accessorising with a range of thermal liners, helmet liners and chin straps. Never wear another hat under your safety helmet as it can interfere with the fit and ability to absorb impact.

#2 Safety Boots

Safety boots can have a variety of different patterns and materials for the sole in order to help prevent slips in different conditions. They also might have chemical-resistant soles. Safety boots can also be anti-static, electrically conductive or thermally insulating.

Safety boots at Work & Wear Direct come in a variety of styles from a number of leading brands and are an essential piece of workwear, keeping your feet protected from hazards in the workplace.

#3 Hi-Visibility Clothing

Not being seen is one of the biggest risks for many people that go to work each day. Which is why hi-vis clothing plays a significant role in protecting employees across various industries from roadside maintenance to working on the railways, warehouse staff, electricians, forklift operators and construction workers.

High-visibility clothing is a special type of workwear made from fluorescent material with added reflective tape, used to make the wearer more visible to those around them. In the workwear industry, both yellow and orange high-visibility clothing is often worn under health and safety laws for quality standard EN ISO 20471. 

#4 Safety Gloves

Safety Gloves are designed to protect your hands from injury at work or in other hazardous environments. Safety gloves are a very important factor in preventing workplace injuries, but they should be worn only when it is appropriate for the task that is being performed.

Work & Wear Direct are stockists of safety gloves. Supplying hand protection including anti-vibration safety gloves, cut resistant safety gloves, disposable safety gloves, latex safety gloves, nitrile safety gloves, PVC safety gloves and rigger gloves.

#5 Eye Protection

Eye protection, such as safety goggles, is important in some types of workplace to shield an employees’ eyes from hazards such as flying particles, chemical gases and harmful radiation. Eye protection must fit closely and comfortably to the wearer’s face and not restrict the wearer's vision or movement.

We understand that choosing the right eye protection can be confusing, so if you are unsure which eye protection you need please give Work & Wear Direct a call on 01702 553698 and we’ll be happy to help you make the right decision.

#6 Respiratory Protection

Respiratory protective equipment is an important part of workplace PPE. Many construction site tasks generate high amounts of dust and there are significant health risks associated with breathing air contaminated by dust or fumes. Respiratory protection has been used to protect employees from inhaling air contaminated with harmful dust, fumes or gases for a long time. Respiratory protection must fit closely to the face and cover the nose and mouth to be effective.

We stock a range of both half face reusable respirator masks and full-face reusable respirator masks, providing a high level of protection. Respiratory protection including FFP3 masks, filters and fit testing kits available at Work & Wear Direct.

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