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A Guide to High Visibility Railway Clothing

A Guide to High Visibility Railway Clothing
Posted: 2nd July 2021

The railways are an important part of UK infrastructure, they also require a large amount of maintenance. Working on the railways is not only notoriously tiring and difficult but also a dangerous job and so railway workwear needs to be durable and reliable. It is extremely important that workers are as safe as possible when performing this type of work and so the correct PPE is essential.

In the UK the law requires employers to provide adequate PPE and training so that employees are as safe as possible whilst working. Anyone that works on or near a railway line needs to be seen as early on as possible, making rail high visibility clothing one of the most important aspects of PPE in this industry. Rail hi vis is orange in colour and is available as vests and jackets, coveralls and trousers. 

Working on the railways in the UK also means spending a lot of time outside in cold and rainy weather. Rail high visibility clothing is often waterproof, providing protection against some of the harshest weather conditions. It is also essential for railway workers to have protection for their head, hands and feet and so a safety helmet, pair of safety boots and safety gloves are also essential PPE for anyone working on the lineside.

At Work & Wear Direct we supply rail hi vis clothing from well known brands such as Pulsar rail hi-visibility clothing and Supertouch rail hi-visibility clothing so that you are perfectly suited for working on or near the trackside. All of our rail high visibility clothing conforms to RIS-3279-TOM (formerly GO/RT 3279) and is suitable for use in rail and other transport industries.

Browse our selection of rail hi vis clothing, including rail hi vis jackets, rail hi vis trousers,  rail hi vis coveralls, and rail hi vis polo shirts. Or call us on 01702 553698 to find out more.

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