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The Importance of Choosing the Right Tool for the Job

The Importance of Choosing the Right Tool for the Job
Posted: 7th August 2019

Tools have played and integral role since the beginning of the construction industry. They are an essential part of kit for many workplaces, but choosing the right tools for the job can sometimes be difficult.

It is of great importance that the correct tools are always available for the job, otherwise delays may be caused. For the tradesman, investing in the right tools is a life-changing move. Any attempts to carry out work with the wrong tools may cause damage or safety issues. Using the right tool in the wrong way can also be dangerous, causing injury to muscles, tendons and nerves in your arms and hands. The types of injuries caused by using the wrong tools include Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome and Tendonitis.

It is also very important that employees are properly trained to use the tools and that they are supplied with appropriate information relating to the safe operation of any power tools. They must also be provided with any necessary personal protective equipment. You must ensure that the PPE does not interfere with use of the tools, for example, the wrong safety gloves will make it difficult to operate controls.

In the trade, tools get dirty. Building sites are usually covered in dust which can cause problems for the tools that you depend on for your livelihood. In order to maximise the lifespan of your tools, it is important to follow a basic level of routine maintenance. Investing in high-quality tool storage and toolboxes protects your valuable tools from dust and dirt and also provides the best way to keep your tools organised and protected. Take the time to clean your toolboxes and other tool storage regularly, this will save you a lot of time, effort and expense in the long run.

Using the right tools in the right ways will reduce fatigue and increase productivity in the workforce. It will also improve the quality of work being produced along with reducing the risk of injuries or accidents.

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