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Blundstone Boots

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Blundstone bootsBlundstone boots are crafted from the best available leathers and components, employing the expertise gained over 140-some years of boot making. Since 1870, Blundstone have proven that nothing is more beautiful than a pair of boots that keep you safe. Blundstone boots have evolved in style, design, and technology over the years but the quality has never changed.

Blundstone safety boots come with steel toe caps and additional safety features are available on other select styles. Blundstone boots provide optimum protection against impact and penetration, resistance to cuts, chemicals, heat and electrical hazards. Blundstone’s ‘Shock Protection System’ is incorporated into the boot construction to absorb energy from impact at heel strike.

No leather boots are 100% waterproof. However, if properly cared for, Blundstone boots will prevent most water penetration, keeping your feet warm and dry. Blundstone’s unique construction with a limited number of seams means there are fewer places for water to get in.

Browse our selection of Blunstone boots below. They are more than just boots, they are Blundstone boots.