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Flame Retardant Protection

If you work in a hazardous environment with fire then you should ensure that you wear the correct flame retardant workwear. Flame retardant clothing is treated with a special chemical application, to be slow-burning or self-extinguishing when exposed to an open flame. In high risk environments, wearing the correct fire retardant workwear will help to minimise injury.

What is the difference between flame resistant and flame retardant?

The difference lies in how each garment is made. Flame retardant fabric has been treated with a special chemical application. Fire resistant fabric will not quality as fire resistant unless it is made of certain nonflammable fibres.

Work & Wear Direct stock a selection of workwear suitable for hazardous workplaces including flame retardant trousers and sweatshirts and fire retardant boilersuits/overalls. We also sell a range of flame resistant base layer clothing When wearing this clothing layered together, rather than individually, the layers allow more time before the wearer sustains an injury.