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FR Undergarments

Flame retardant undergarments have a chemical substance added to the materials during their manufacturing process in order to reduce the likelihood of the finished product catching fire and to slow down the combustion process. These types of fabrics will not be affected by intense heat, so are not likely to catch fire just from being near a flame. Browse the extensive range of flame retardant undergarments available at Work & Wear Direct.

All flame retardant undergarments comply with EN ISO 11612 safety standards.

Flame Retardant Undergarments from Big Brands

In high risk environments, wearing the correct flame retardant workwear will help to minimise injury. Flame retardant undergarments at Work & Wear Direct from all the major brands including:

Hydraflame flame retardant undergarments go even further meeting the complex performance requirements and standards within the 'FR' (flame retardant) market used extensively across the utilities sector.

Pulsar flame retardant undergarments are designed and made to the highest possible standards, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance.

Flame retardant workwear is available to buy from Work & Wear Direct at exceptionally competitive prices. Call us on 01702 553698 to find out more.