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Rigger Boots

Rigger boots area kind of pull-on boot designed for oil rig workers who need a waterproof safety boot that is easy to remove quickly. All of our rigger boots are durable and provide ankle support. With the advancement in this type of footwear over the years, riggers boots are becoming a popular choice of safety boot for those working on oil rigs. Browse the range of rigger boots available to buy online at Work & Wear Direct below, including top brands such as Pro Man rigger boots and Rock Fall rigger boots

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What are Rigger Boots?

Rigger Boots are a slip-on safety boot that resemble something between safety boot and a wellington boot. They have a looser fit than standard safety boots and are waterproof which makes them a popular option for oil rig workers.

The Benefits of Rigger Boots

Rigger boots are easy to take off, as there are no laces. Most rigger boots are manufactured without using any metal, which means they are lightweight, Being waterproof, rigger boots are easy to clean.