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Eye Protection

Eye protection and safety goggles are an essential part of PPE and having the right protection for your eyes is important, particularly when working in a hazardous environment that poses a risk to your eyesight. There are hundreds of different types of eye protection available on the market, from safety goggles to face visors.

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Safety Goggles

Safety goggles surround the eyes protecting them from dust and dirt. Safety goggles can also protect your eyes from exposure to other hazardous materials or chemicals. Although at their basic level all of these items do protect your eyes from injury, you will still be at risk if you were to wear basic safety goggles to perform a welding task. When buying a pair of safety goggles, it’s important to match your choice of eye protection to the hazards that you will face at work.

You also need to consider yourself when purchasing eye protection. If you are going to be wearing your safety goggles for hours a day, every day, then you need to make sure that you are going to be comfortable and if you require prescription glasses then it is important that your safety goggles also allow for this. All safety goggles conform to EN166 safety standards.

Eye Protection