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Respiratory Protection

Respiratory Protective EquipmentBuy respiratory protective equipment and face masks online at Work & Wear Direct. Breathe easier and protect yourself at work from dust and fumes with a face mask, offering better respiratory protection in the workplace. Respiratory protective equipment available from top brands including JSP respiratory protective equipment and 3M respiratory protection. We stock a range of both half face reusable respirator masks and full-face reusable respirator masks, providing a high level of protection. Respiratory protection including FFP3 masks, filters and fit testing kits available at Work & Wear Direct to buy online or call us on 01702 553698. 

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Respiratory Protective Equipment & Face Masks in the Workplace

Respiratory protective equipment is an important part of workplace PPE. Many construction site tasks generate high amounts of dust and there are significant health risks associated with breathing air contaminated by dust or fumes.

Assess and Control the Risks to Employees

Before providing respiratory protective equipment to your employees you need to assess the risk posed by any exposure to hazardous substances. If your work activities result in harmful substances contaminating the air then as part of your risk assessment you should use this to justify the reasons behind your decision to use respiratory protective equipment. Then take action to control the risks. You must ensure that all control measures are properly followed and not made ineffective by incorrect practices.

There are significant health risks associated with breathing air contaminated by dust or fumes. If your work activities have the potential to result in harmful substances contaminating the air in the form of dust, mist, gas or other fumes, you'll want to make sure that you are suitably protected with the right respiratory equipment. Likewise, If you are working on a home renovation project that involves removing harmful materials, you'll want suitable protection for your lungs.

Why Choose an FFP3 Mask?

Face masks and respirators filter out particles, so that the air that you are breathing is as clean as possible. Disposable masks are for one-time use. For regular use and high-risk hazards, always choose a respirator or full face mask. Respirators and face masks are suitable to be used for a variety of tasks, so it's important to choose a mask according to the level of protection that you require.

A FFP3 respirator, also referred to as a FFP3 mask, is a type of respiratory protective equipment. There are different types, sizes and models of FFP3 masks. FFP3 masks have a central valve which allows heat to escape and reduces fogging of eyewear.

High-Quality Respiratory Protective Equipment

JSP respiratory protection is manufactured under a worldwide QMS (Quality Management System) and meets the latest European and international safety standards. We also supply the JSP Qualitative Face Fit Test Kit.

3M offers you the widest range of disposable respirators, reusable respirators and powered air respirators and supplied air respirators. We also supply the 3M Bitrex Fit Testing Kit.