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Tools & Fixings

Tools & Fixings

Work & Wear Direct are a quality supplier of a large range of tools and fixings including power tools, hand tools, plastering tools, screws and drill bits. Tools from top brands including Ace & K, Nela, Ox Tools and Refina.

Everyone has heard the expressions “You’re only as good as your tools” and “You need the right tool for the right job” and these sayings are true. Tools have played and integral role since the beginning of the construction industry and are an essential part of kit for many workplaces, but choosing the right tools for the job can sometimes be difficult. 

For the tradesman investing in the right tools is a life-changing move. Any attempts to carry out work with the wrong tools may cause damage or safety issues. Using the right tool in the wrong way can also be dangerous, causing injury. It is also very important that any employees are properly trained to use the tools and that they are supplied with appropriate information relating to the safe operation of any power tools.