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Catering Clothing

Catering Clothing & Chef's UniformWork & Wear Direct are suppliers of professional catering clothing and chef's uniforms. All of the catering clothing available at Work & Direct can be printed or embroidered with your business name or logo for professional chef's workwear that looks the business! Not only does catering clothing need to look its best, it also needs to perform well. Here you'll find chef's clothes and catering uniforms including coloured chef's jackets and food coats all made using materials built to withstand the pressure and heat of a professional kitchen. Browse the range of catering clothing and chef's uniforms available at Work & Wear Direct below.

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The Importance of Catering Clothing

Hospitality is the UK’s third largest employment sector and every single restaurant and hotel has its own identity. One of the best ways for businesses to create an image for themselves is through catering clothing.

Catering clothing will vary depending on the size of the business. Small restaurants may require a simple white apron while bigger restaurants may want to provide chef's uniforms and catering clothing embroidered with a company logo. Personalise your catering clothing at Work & Wear Direct.