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  • Workwear for Plumbers & Heating Engineers

    Working in any trade requires a good knowledge of Health and Safety regulations. It is important for plumbing and heating…

  • Work & Wear Direct PPE Kit Bag Offer

    Work and Wear Direct Ltd Kit bag offer for just £149.99 (excluding VAT) Kit bag includes: 1 x S3 Safety…

    by Work and Wear Direct
  • Women’s PPE Workwear: One Size Does Not Fit All

    When it comes to workwear in the PPE industry, unlike more fashionable clothing, the amount of designs aimed at men…

  • PPE safety kit, boots, helmet, hi vis jacket, specs, gloves

    5 Must Have Items for Your Workwear Wardrobe!

    If you have ever worked on a construction site you will know that there is a daily potential risk of…

  • New Colour-Coded System for Safety Helmets in Construction

    The reign of the yellow hard hat on the UK’s highways and construction sites has come to an end. Leading…

  • Orange high-vis-Railwear

    Why Must Rail Workers Wear Orange Hi-Vis?

    A large majority of construction and utility industries have workers that wear yellow high-vis clothing. So why do rail workers…

  • magnum barca safety boot

    Protecting Your Feet with Safety Boots

    Whether you work in engineering, construction, agriculture, utilities or rail, there can be many potential hazards in the workplace. This…

  • David Beckham Rocks Blundstone Boots!

    He’s revealed he’s a laid-back father when it comes to his eldest son Brooklyn maturing into a young man. And…

    by Work and Wear Direct