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Hand Protection

Safety GlovesWe understand that choosing the right hand protection can be confusing, so if you are unsure which safety gloves you need please give us a call on 01702 553698 and we’ll be happy to help you make the right decision. Safety Gloves are an important part of PPE and designed to protect your hands from injury at work or in other hazardous environments. We supply safety gloves from a range of well-known brands including Beeswift safety gloves, Portwest safety gloves and PAWA safety gloves. Browse safety gloves available at Work & Wear Direct below.

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Why Hand Protection is Important

Our hands are one of the most important tools that we possess. We use our hands in almost every task that we undertake, which makes them important tools. Our hands are also one of the most vulnerable parts of our body. Proper hand protection helps prevent serious injuries such as cuts and burns. Safety gloves protect our hands against all kinds of hazards in the workplace. Including scratches, cuts, and wounds from abrasion. Safety gloves also offer protection when working with hazardous chemicals, protecting your hands from contamination.

Safety gloves are a very important factor in preventing workplace injuries, but they should be worn only when it is appropriate for the task that is being performed. EN 420 [3] is the safety standard for protective gloves. This standard defines the general requirements for protective gloves, including the design, size, comfort, dexterity and more.

Types of Safety Glove Available at Work & Wear Direct

Work & Wear Direct are stockists of safety gloves. Supplying hand protection including:

Anti-vibration safety gloves - These safety gloves are an essential part of your PPE if you regularly operate hand held power tools  or heavy machinery.

Cut resistant safety gloves - Safety gloves that are designed to protect your hands from cuts in hazardous environments.

Disposable safety gloves -  Offering protection against germs for your hands which helps to maintain all appropriate workplace hygiene practices and avoid contamination.

Latex safety gloves - Safety gloves with a dual latex coating for protection against hazards.

Nitrile safety gloves - These gloves protect against abrasion and chemicals, whilst retaining dexterity and grip.

PVC safety gloves - Gloves with a knit wrist to protect against oil, grease and most household chemicals.

Rigger gloves - Safety gloves that are designed to be used for rigging on boats and other work places.