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Office Wear

Office Wear to buy online from Work & Wear Direct, premium distributors of workwear. When choosing office wear, style, fit and comfort are so often compromised in favour of durable fabrics. Our collection of office wear perfectly balances high-quality tailoring with affordable comfort. The ranges include office wear for men and office wear for women in a large range of sizes, so that there should be something suitable for everyone. We also provide a printing and embroidery service so that you can add your business logo or name, branding your office clothing. Add a touch of sophistication to your wardrobe and browse office wear below from top brands including Brook Taverner world leading corporate clothing.

When deciding what type of office wear to choose, there are some tips to remember that could help you make better choices. What employees choose to wear forms an important part of a company's image. It is most important to be recognised for great work, rather than for wearing the latest fashion, so try to dress modestly. Knowing if there is an office dress code can help you feel confident and dress more appropriately. Comfort remains an important factor, especially when it comes to corporate wear, as you’ll be wearing these clothes for the entire working week. First impressions are typically formed by the way that people dress, so dress to impress and try to present a professional and positive image for your business. While individual employees have a right to express themselves, the way an employee dresses sends a message to potential clients and customers, so achieving an appropriate balance is very important. You’ll only get one chance to make that positive first impression.