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Hi Vis Polo Shirts & T-Shirts

High Visibility Polo Shirts and Hi Vis T-ShirtsHi-vis polo shirts and t-shirts are essential attire for professionals operating in high-risk environments. Engineered for heightened visibility and crafted from fluorescent materials to ensure that wearers stand out in daylight and low-light conditions. The incorporation of reflective tape enhances visibility, particularly in dim or night-time scenarios. This feature is crucial for those working in the construction industry, by the roadside, or in roles such as warehouse security, where being seen is integral to safety.

All of our hi-vis polo shirts and hi-vis tshirts conform to BS EN 471. For help and advice when shop for your hi-visibility clothing give us a call on 01702 553698.

Shop Hi Vis T Shirts & Polo Shirts.

Personalised & Customised Hi Vis Polo Shirts & T Shirts

Our high visibility polo's and tees offer the can be personalised with your business name or logo by Work & Wear Direct. The level of customisation that we offer allows for individual identification, enhancing team cohesion and professionalism on the job site. Upload your chosen design at cart, or reach out to a member of our team for bulk purchases today.

Hi-Visibility Polo Shirts & T-Shirts from Top Brands

At Work & Wear Direct we stock hi-visibilty polo shirts and tee shirts from a range of top brands, these include:

PULSAR® High Visibility Polo & T Shirts

BSIF Registered & Certified RISQS suppliers, shop our range of hi vis polo and t shirts from Pulsar UK.

Supertouch Hi-Vis Polo's and Tee's

A leading brand in workwear since 1996, take a look at our Supertouch high visibility polo's and tee's.

Leo Workwear High Vis Polo Shirts & T-Shirts

Specialising in manufacturing high visibility apparel, browse the selection of High Vis Polo Shirts & T Shirts by Leo Workwear.

Work & Wear Direct Exclusive Hi Vis T Shirts & Polo Shirts

Sourced by the experts at Work & Wear Direct, take a look at the expansive range of High Vis Polo Shirts & Tshirts from Work & Wear Exclusive Partners.

Organic Cotton Hi Vis Polo & T Shirts

Organic cotton hi-vis polo and t-shirts are a forward-thinking choice for the environmentally conscious professional. Made from cotton grown without harmful pesticides or synthetic fertilisers, these garments offer a softer, more natural feel, ensuring comfort throughout the workday. The organic nature of the fabric reduces environmental impact whilst benefiting those with sensitive skin, reducing the chance of irritation. The high-visibility characteristic of our polos and t-shirts is achieved without compromising their eco-friendly credentials. By opting for organic cotton hi-vis tops, you're contributing to a more sustainable future by reducing your ecological footprint.