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Rail Hi Vis Jackets & Bomber Jackets

Rail Hi Vis Jackets & Bomber JacketsAt Work & Wear Direct we supply rail hi vis jackets and rail hi vis bomber jackets so that you are perfectly suited for working on or near the trackside. Only orange hi vis workwear is deemed by health and safety experts to provide adequate visibility by the railside. All of our rail hi-vis jackets meet RIS 3279 TOM specifications, for being conspicuous on the lineside or on or near the line. You can also personalise your workwear as all of our rail hi vis jackets and bomber jackets can be printed or embroidered with your business name or logo. Browse our selection of orange rail hi vis jackets to buy online. Or call us on 01702 553698.

Shop Orange Hi Vis Jackets from Work & Wear Direct.

Rail Hi Vis Jackets from Top Brands

Work & Wear Direct has worked tirelessly to source the finest high-visibility rail jackets from the most recognised brands worldwide. Manufactured to the industry standard with reflective tape, the brands that craft our Orange Hi-Vis Coats include:

Orange Hi-Vis Jackets For Railway Workers

Whilst Yellow Hi-Vis is the most common colour of fluorescent workwear jackets, there is also a specific need for orange hi-vis in the railway sector. The rail industry has many different departments that require reflective garments to boost visibility, this includes train drivers, signallers, station workers & railway maintenance engineers.

The colour variations of high-visibility clothing help railway professionals differentiate between the various experts working on the railway.

Yellow hi-vis clothing is worn by the majority of railway workers, especially the signallers.

Orange hi-vis clothing is worn by people actively working on track, such as maintenance engineers.

The differing colours of Yellow & Orange PPE help safeguard against potential confusion, with drivers able to spot the difference between track signallers and track maintenance professionals.

Orange Hi Vis Bomber Jackets

Our hi vis bomber jackets offer protection and observability with a cropped aesthetic, making them ideal for the summer months. Pro Rail hi vis jackets and bomber jackets are designed and manufactured to the highest possible standards, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance.

Orange High Visibility Worker Jackets

Orange worker jackets are perfect for year-round wear, with a variety of sizing available that make them most suitable for layering. Pulsar rail hi-vis jackets are designed and made to the highest possible standards, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance.

Waterproof Hi Vis Railway Coats

Working on the rail throughout the different seasons means that workers need garments that help them to brave the elements. Don't let torrential rain, snow or high-speed winds stop you, GORE-TEX® rail high visibility jackets are waterproof and windproof, providing outstanding protection come rain or shine.