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Hand Tools

Hand tools are any tools that are powered by hand. Browse the complete range of hand tools available at Work & Wear Direct, including cutting hand tools, digging hand tools, measuring hand tools and more. Hand tools from top brands including Carters hand tools, Omer hand tools and Ox hand tools. At Work & Wear Direct we offer a range of hand tools with the everyday builder in mind, because you need hand tools that can work as hard as you.

Buy Quality Hand Tools Online at Work & Wear Direct

Working to accomplish something with your hands, whilst at times can feel laborious, can also bring a huge sense of achievement. Everyone knows that having the right tool for the job is critical in manufacturing a quality product so it's important to equip yourself with quality hand tools. Whether it’s a tool for your trade, or a hand tool to stash in the kitchen draw and be used as and when is necessary, hand tools can save you time when you need them most. If you have never swung a hammer in your life, or if you work with tools every day, you can rest assured that our selection of hand tools available to buy online are ideal for everyone.