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Goliath boots are quality safety footwear for light and heavy industrial and special hazard workplaces such as construction, utilities and engineering. If your work involves extreme terrain, such as firefighting, you’ll need boots capable of standing up to the task of protecting your feet! Goliath boots have been manufacturing boots since 1880, when they used to make boots for quarrymen, policemen and navvies.

Goliath boots are manufactured with Dual Density Rubber (DDR) injected soles, a special rubber compound in two densities, a tough rubber outer and a lower density midsole. This creates a shock-absorbent, comfortable sole that is suitable for use in harsh working conditions. The sole of Goliath boots are also resistant to 300⁰C heat and have excellent slip resistant results which offers added assurance for the consumer when purchasing safety footwear.

From ankle height mid boots to high top safety boots, with velcro and laceless options, you're spoilt for choice when it comes to our selection of Goliath work boots.

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