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Magnum Boots

Magnum boots are built to last. Magnum boots are designed to perform in the toughest work environments, ideal for men and women in occupations including police, security, emergency medical services, fire & rescue services and military. 

Magnum Safety Footwear

Magnum boots are tested and developed in the situation that they are designed to be used in, this makes certain that only the highest standards are met. Ensuring you are wearing the right boots is an integral part of remaining happy and confident at work. 

Boots designed for tough work 

As demand for boots of this kind has grown, Magnum has expanded and several variations have been created, including Magnum boots available in full leather, waterproof and steel toe versions. 

Professionals in all sectors can benefit from Magnum’s experience and expertise, so that every step taken in Magnum boots is a comfortable step.

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