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Rock Fall

Rock Fall boots are designed with specialist technologies, materials and components from around the world.  Rock Fall  develop footwear for a specific industry, examples include foundry, construction and utilities. Rock Fall boots feature everything from Freezer boots to Foundry boots, Electronics boots to Offshore boots. A huge percentage of Rock Fall boots are sold to leading UK businesses that work in major infrastructure industries such as Rail, Construction and Utilities. Rock Fall boots offer unrivalled durability and comfort. 

The footwear that has been designed for the harshest environments is developed with clever components which include highly durable scuff caps, kick protectors and limited stitching (stitching used on tents and other outdoor products), As a result Rock Fall products are trusted by leading distributors around the world. By utilising innovative linings and additional padding in the right areas Rock Fall have dramatically improved comfort. These include modern waterproof membranes with improved breathability and layers to lock out moisture.

Rock Fall boots are tested utilising many of the latest European and other international footwear standards. The Rock Fall range of Safety Footwear is the best quality collection of styles available.

Browse the range of Rock Fall boots available at Work & Wear Direct below.

Rock Fall